Factory Automation


                      Equipment Dedicated to Automation & Manpower-saving and Equipment for Automotive Components ManufacturingElectronics-related Production Equipment Inspection & Measurement EquipmentResistance WeldingArc WeldingLaser
                      Plasma WeldingOther Welding EquipmentMolding EquipmentIndustrial RobotsLogistic SystemCleaning EquipmentOthers

                      Products Suppliers
                      Automatic Welding Equipment ? ?
                      Automatic Assembly Equipment ? ?
                      Automatic Inspection System ? ?
                      Transferring Equipment ? ?
                      Welding Machines ? ?
                      Cleaning Equipment ? ?
                      Products Suppliers
                      Printed Circuit Board Mounting Facility Loaders/Unloaders Nagaoka Plant Co., Ltd.
                      Substrate Cleaning Equipment RAYON INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.
                      Solder paste Printing Machines ?
                      Print Inspection Equipment CKD Corporation
                      Visual Inspection Equipment ?
                      Mounters (Chip Mounters) ?
                      Reflow Ovens TAMURA Corporation
                      Soldering Baths TAMURA Corporation
                      Bond Coaters SUZUKI Co., Ltd.
                      ICT Function Testers Hioki E. E. Corporation
                      Torque Drivers, Soldering Machines and PCB Dividing Machines Horiuchi Electronics Co., Ltd.
                      Technics Machine Engineering Co., Ltd.
                      Coating Equipment Dispensers Heishin Ltd.
                      Semiconductor Production Equipment Die Bonders Canon Machinery Inc.
                      Thermal-resistance Semiconductor Testers TESEC Corporation.
                      Precision Mold, Lead Frame Processing and Molding Machines APIC YAMADA CORPORATION
                      Vacuum Vapor Deposition Reactors and Sputtering Equipment Shinko Seiki Co., Ltd.
                      Products Suppliers
                      Inspection & Measuring Equipment Low- and High-temperature Testers A.I. Tech Co., Ltd.
                      Particle Size Analyzers NIKKISO CO., LTD.
                      Leak Testers FUKUDA CO., LTD
                      X-ray Inspection Systems ?
                      Image Testers ?
                      Electrical Characteristic Check ?
                      Coordinate Measuring Machine ?
                      Substrate Appearance Inspection Permi Japan Co., Ltd.
                      Products Suppliers
                      Resistance Welding Welding Controllers Nadex Co., Ltd.
                      Air-cooled Welding Controllers Nadex Co., Ltd.
                      Welding Transformer-integrated Controllers Nadex Co., Ltd.
                      Welding Guns&Transformers Nadex Co., Ltd.
                      Inverter Transformers Nadex Co., Ltd.
                      Tip Savers Nadex Co., Ltd.
                      Welding Current Meters Nadex Co., Ltd.
                      NDI System ?
                      Spot Welders DENGENSHA TOA CO., LTD.
                      AMADA WELD TECH CO., LTD.
                      CHUO SEISAKUSHO, LTD.
                      Denyo Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
                      Projection Welders DENGENSHA TOA CO., LTD.
                      CHUO SEISAKUSHO,LTD.
                      Seam Welders DENGENSHA TOA CO., LTD.
                      CHUO SEISAKUSHO,LTD.
                      ART-HIKARI Co., Ltd.
                      Tip Dressers KYOKUTOH CO.,LTD
                      Tip Changers SHINKOKIKI Co.,Ltd.
                      I.S INC.
                      Ergonomic Rail Genesis-ICESA Systems
                      Arc Stud Welders NIPPON POP RIVETS AND FASTENERS LTD.
                      Automatic Brazing Equipment DAISHIN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.
                      Products Suppliers
                      Arc Welding Arc Welding Power Supply YASKAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION
                      Application Cases
                      e-Mechatronics.com(Yaskawa site)
                      Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions Co., Ltd.
                      Multilayer Welding Robots NADEX CO., LTD.
                      Application Cases
                      Tracking System Servo-Robot Inc.
                      Application Cases
                      Welding Quality Inspection System Servo-Robot Inc.
                      Application Cases
                      Robotic Work Cells Genesis Systems Group
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                      Laser Laser TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG
                      Application Cases
                      Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
                      Application Cases
                      TOWA LASERFRONT CORP.
                      Laser Markers ?
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                      Plasma Welding Plasma Welders NIPPON STEEL WELDING & ENGINEERING CO.,LTD
                      Products Suppliers
                      Other Welding Equipment Arc Stud Welders NIPPON POP RIVETS AND FASTENERS LTD.
                      Automatic Brazing Equipment DAISHIN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.
                      Nut Runners CORETEC INC.
                      Tool Changers Nitta Corporation
                      BL AUTOTECH, LTD.
                      Parts(Nut)Feeders SEKI INDUSTRY LTD.
                      Products Suppliers
                      Molding Machines Injection Molding Machines Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.
                      Discharging Equipment ?
                      Peripherals ?
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                      Industrial Robots Articulated Robots YASKAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATIONApplication Cases
                      DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.
                      Other Types of Robots IAI Corporation,
                      Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
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                      Logistics System Automatic Storage
                      AGV Systems
                      Transportation Systems
                      Murata Machinery, Ltd.
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                      Cleaning Equipment Cleaning Equipment Cleanvy Corporation
                      Shin-Ohtsuka Co., Ltd.
                      Kaken Tech Co., Ltd.
                      Sharp Corporation
                      Products Suppliers
                      Others Coating Machines Techno Smart Corp.
                      Image Inspection Equipment & LED Lighting Sharp Corporation
                      Ultrasonic Cutting & Welding Cosmo Systems Co., Ltd.
                      Balancers TOYO KOKEN K.K.
                      Construction & Installation OMOTE Co., Ltd.
                      Laser Markers ?
                      UV Irradiation Devices Sen Engineering Co., Ltd.
                      Barcode Reader Datalogic S.p.A.