Environment and Quality Management

                      Environmental Policy

                      In consideration of the impact on the global environment in our business activities such as design, development, manufacturing management and sale of resistance welding controllers and related equipment, and sale of industrial machinery, equipment, parts, etc., Nadex Group is committed to incorporating the environmental management system in every phase of its business activities under the slogan “Protect the beautiful earth”, practicing “continuous improvement” and harmonizing with the local community.
                      【1】We comply with environment-related laws, regulations, agreements, etc. in promoting business activities.
                      【2】We establish and practice environmental objectives and targets, make continuous improvement and periodic review in order to prevent pollution.
                      【3】We strive to design environmentally friendly products.
                      【4】We strive to sell products containing no toxic substances.
                      【5】We pursue reduction in energy consumption throughout Nadex Group.
                      【6】We review the appropriateness and effectiveness of our environmental management system through conducting internal audits on a regular basis and strive to maintain and improve it.
                      【7】We make the environmental policy known to all employees and conduct environmental education to raise awareness of the importance of the environment management.
                      【8】We harmonize with local communities, pursue environmental protection and contribute to society.

                      ISO14001 Certification

                      Registered Offices
                      ISO14001: Headquarters, Technical Center, Tokyo Branch and Osaka Branch

                      Quality Policy

                      Nadex always provides customers with products and services that the customers will be satisfied with, keeping the Corporate Credo “Contributing to the prosperity of society and the well-being of employees through company growth” as the policy.
                      【1】 We strive to improve quality and customer satisfaction in products, goods, services and business activities handled by Nadex Group.
                      【2】 We comply with laws, regulations and other requirements and what we committed.

                      【3】 We establish a quality management system, implement, maintain and continuously improve the system.

                      ISO9001 Certification

                      Registered Offices
                      ISO9001: Headquarters, Technical Center, Tokyo Branch, Osaka Branch, Yokohama Sales Office, Hiroshima Sales Office and Kitakyushu Sales Office